Artistic Swimming is the ultimate team sport where each individual member plays an integral part in the team’s overall success. Athletes have a responsibility to the team and Club to ensure they attend all practices, competitions, and other events.

This Attendance Policy sets out expectations relating to attendance and punctuality for all OLYM athletes.

  • Attendance at all practices is mandatory
  • Chronic absenteeism or lateness will not be tolerated and may impact an athlete’s routine position, meet participation and overall development
  • Parents of athletes with too many absences or late arrivals will be contacted and a parent/coach meeting will be arranged
    •  The athlete’s commitment and the Club’s expectations of the athlete will be discussed
    •  If absences or late arrivals continue, the coach will escalate the matter to the Head Coach who will decide on a course of action
  • Per COVID-19 restrictions, no athlete should attend practice if they have any known symptom (e.g.: fever, cough, sore throat, GI issues, etc.)
  • If an athlete is injured, they are strongly encouraged to attend practice to keep up with routine changes, and remain engaged with their teammates and coaches
  • Absences may be excused on a case-by-case basis if prior notice is given and there is a reasonable explanation for the absence, such as:
    • Illness
    • A recent/acute injury that prevents the athlete from being on deck at practice
    • Mandatory school events
    • A death in the family
  • Coaches will document all absences or late arrivals as they occur
  • If an athlete knows that they are going to arrive late for practice, the athlete’s primary coach must be notified either by TeamSnap chat or text message as soon as possible
  • The athlete’s primary coach must be notified prior to any missed practice so they can plan for the athlete’s absence
  • All athletes must be on deck or designated land area ten (10) minutes before practice starts
  • Attendance at the March Break training camp is mandatory for all HP athletes
  • Attendance at all competitions is mandatory
  • Parents are encouraged to schedule vacations at times when athletes do not have practices or competitions.  All known practice and competition information for the season are available in the TeamSnap calendar
    • If a vacation is to be taken during scheduled practice time, written notice to the primary coach and Head Coach must be given at least one (1) month beforehand to allow them to plan for the athlete’s absence

Last revised January, 2023