The Sport of Artistic Swimming (ArtSwim)

If your child enjoys swimming and loves music and team work, artistic swimming may be the ideal sport for them! Previously known as “Synchronized Swimming”, Artistic Swimming was renamed in 2016 after the Rio Olympics by the world governing body FINA.

Artistic swimming is a unique and challenging sport that combines swimming, gymnastics & dance into teams that swim choreographed to music.  Unlike other swimming lessons that may focus on skills, artistic swimming is team based and draws on various other sports and athletic abilities and leverages music and artistic interpretation.  Teams are made of 8-10 swimmers but also include duet and solo routines.

Artistic swimmers are some of the best all-around athletes, cross-training in multiple disciplines. They perform and compete individually and in duets, teams and combos.

Whether you are new to the sport or an old-pro, there is always something new to learn!  Olympium Artistic Swimming Club is delighted to share past articles from the ARTSWIM 101 column in our newsletter to share our love of the sport!  We hope you enjoy these articles and look forward to adding more!