Olympium offers a Masters program for those with an enduring passion for the sport of artistic swimming. Designed just for adults age 20 or older, participants with varying degrees of swimming competency can come together and enjoy the fun, friendship and fitness this program has to offer.

There are two different programs practicing at different times up to 2 days a week.


Masters ‘A’

Ages 20+
Competitive Masters ‘A’ program for athletes that have competed at Provincial or National levels and would like to continue to compete in the sport of artistic swimming. Masters have access to evening and weekend pool time. Currently team positions are filled but if you are interested in training along side the team, training solo or have someone in mind to swim a duet with, email masters@olympiumartswim.com.



Masters ‘B’

Ages 20+
Masters ‘B’ program goal is to have fun and stay fit in a program that offers both recreational and competitive artistic swimming training. Since we spend most of our time creating routines to music it is recommended that new members have at least some basic artistic swimming experience.

For more information contact Jody Pilbeam at amotzek@rogers.com