Laura Steacy


13-15 FINA Coach and 13-15 Provincial Co-Coach

Laura has been coaching with OSSC since September 2011.  She has experience coaching High Performance, Athletes With a Disability, and Novice. She is thrilled to be returning to the High Performance program for the 2016-2017 season while still staying involved in the 13-15 provincial stream team.

Laura swam at OSSC for 10 years, then moved to Montreal, Quebec where she swam on the National Team for 6 additional years before retiring from the team in 2009.  She swam an additional 2 seasons for McGill University before hanging up her noseclips in 2011, only to begin swimming synchro again for the OSSC masters in 2014.

Laura holds a BSc from McGill, a MSc from the University of Toronto and is a PhD candidate in the Exercise Science department at U of T.  She is specializing in behavioural sport science and has conducted research into the coach-athlete relationship for her Masters degree.  She is currently a part of the research team at U of T’s Concussion lab and is partnering with Synchro Ontario to research concussions in synchro for her doctoral dissertation. Laura also provides mental skills coaching for athletes of all sports through her new business, Mind 2 Body Performance Consulting.