OSSC has items available for sale all season for swimmers who are new to the sport or just need an extra pair of nose clips or goggles.  Just ask your swimmers coach – they can get you the items you need right on deck!

These items include:

Noseclips $6.00

Supplies - nose clips


Goggles $20.00

supplies - goggles



Club Bathing caps $8.00

Supplies - cap



OSSC Uniforms


The sale of all Olympium Uniform items takes place in Sept/Oct each year.  Items available for sale are:

  • Figures Bathing cap  – White
  • Figure Suit Speedo – Black
  •  OSSC Bathing cap -Black with Logo
  •  OSSC Spacing Suit – Custom
  •  OSSC Club Jacket
  •  OSSC Club Pants
  •  OSSC Club T-Shirt – Red
  •  OSSC Club Shorts – Black
  •  OSSC Club Tank – Red and Black
  •  OSSC Hoodie – Grey embroidered
  •  OSSC Backpack Logo/Name – Red
  •  OSSC Parka with Logo/Name – Black

Supplies - club suits