Ryleigh Evening Swimmer of the Month

Evening – Ryleigh Taylor

Ryleigh fell in love with synchro when she started Kids In Sync at age 8.  Over the past four years, she has had fantastic coaches that challenge her and great teammates to work with at the Novice level.  Last year she earned the 110% Effort Award, and this year she has excelled at figures competitions. Outside of Synchro, Ryleigh is a talented musician.  She is a singer, cellist, guitarist and composer.  She loves to sail, travel and cook.  At school, she plays on the volleyball and basketball teams and is in this year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “At practice, Ryleigh is always eager to learn,” says coach Diana Selemeneva. “When we are learning new counts to our routine she always pays really close attention, so she learns the counts very quickly and is always the sharpest when we are doing land drills. All of her effort on land transfers into the water. she is constantly pushing for better.”