Fundraising East Side Marios


Earn $ for OSSC dining at popular eatery

As part of OSSC’s ongoing effort to develop new fundraising programs, we’ve partnered with East Side Mario’s Dundas & Dixie location to offer a discount to OSSC families to generate a rebate for the Club.   The program will be initiated via a new loyalty card that each Club family will receive within a month.   The program offers a 10% discount on purchases at East Side Mario’s in exchange for a 5% rebate to the Club at the Dixie & Dundas location.   The process to rebate OSSC is manual, so please make note that Club families need to write “OSSC” on their receipt and submit to East Side Mario’s staff in order for OSSC to earn its rebate.    Here’s a summary of how the program works. Check out the poster on our website for more details.

  1. 10% off East Side Mario’s dine-in, online or pick up order (excludes alchohol), OSSC earns 5%
  2. Dine in or pick-up orders- write OSSC on the receipt and drop it in the restaurant box
  3. Online delivery orders – make a note on the order for the staff member to write OSSC and submit on your behalf

Call in delivery orders – ask the staff member to write OSSC and submit on your behalf”