Karina and Kristina Evening Swimmers of the Month

Evening – Karina and Kristina Strelets

Karina and Kristina started swimming with OSSC, Recreational program at the age of 9. After the course Kids in Synchro the girls moved to Novice Stream, where they got a chance to participate in Burlington Novice and Recreational Extravaganza and won the 1st place for Memorable Moment. Karina and Kristina enjoy being a part of a wonderful trio coached by Diana Selemeneva.

Outside the Synchro Karina and Kristina are fond of other sport activities, such as cheerleading, gymnastic, canoeing, skyline. They are always trying something new and are never scared to face new challenges.

At school, the girls founded a Bookmark Forest Club, crafting and attracting peers to create handmade bookends.

Coach Diana says:

Both Karina and Kristina have been showing great improvement while stretching, especially when doing splits. In addition, girls always land drill at home and it is evident during practices. When they came back from March break the girls blew me away with their nearly perfect land drill, which transferred into the water. The improved run through even caught the eye of our head coach Julie Thaden, who congratulated the girls on their swim.