Marketing & Fundraising – Bio

Susan St-Pierre, Marketing and Fundraising
Length of time on the Board:


This is my 3rd year involved with the Board (the past 2 seasons, I have been the Board-appointed Secretary of the Board)
Length of time in OSSC:


This is Kadia’s 5th season with OSSC.
Program in which your daughter/son participates: Kadia is on the 13-15 National Stream team this season.
Why you want to be a part of the Board? I like to be involved and work towards making OSSC the best club possible for our athletes, families and the sport.
Background: I am born and raised in Etobicoke, and I played a lot of soccer at Centennial Park and dislocated my elbow pretty badly at the Olympium in a gymnastics program in grade 6, but I never tried Synchro Swimming as a sport

I married a French Canadian (Acadian) guy from New Brunswick (Jocelyn – don’t let his name fool you – he is a guy!).   I work in IT and Consulting Services at We also have an 8 year old son named Jacques.

My daughter has moved from Pre Provincial to Provincial to National Stream teams, and I am always happy to talk with families that have any questions about the programs and expectations. I know that it can be confusing!

What’s your goal for the year ahead?



Promoting OSSC as a fantastic synchro club within Ontario and Canada….and working at being a “morning person” with very early morning drop offs at the Olympium this season.