October Athlete of the Month (Morning) is Olesia Astashlova


Our October Morning Athlete of the month is Olesia Astashlova! Congratulations Olesia!

Olesia, a member of the 11-12 FINA Team, came into the HP program this season with just one year’s experience in OSSC’s pre-provincial program and prior to that a year in the recreational program. Already, she has shown so much improvement in all areas including her stroke technique, endurance, flexibility, ballet and synchro techniques. She brings a positive attitude toward her training and her unique sense of humor to each practice.

Her coach, Julie, says that “Olesia’s amusing facial expressions when she makes an error in the routine keeps a smile on my face!” She has been assigned the roles of Hydration & Focus Leader for her team. She reminds her teammates to always have their water bottles filled and nearby and reminds them to always focus on the task at hand.