Communications Lead – Bio

Wendy Seed, Communications Lead
Length of time on the Board:


This is my second year
Length of time in OSSC:


This is our 9th season
Program in which your daughter/son participates: HP 13-15
Why you want to be a part of the Board?


I joined the board initially just to help out wherever I could but naturally fell into communications. I do think I can help in my own small way with my expertise – we do great things at OSSC and we need to communicate them. I also believe in being fully engaged in any organization with which I’m affiliated – whether it’s for work or not. If it also benefits our wonderful athletes then that makes me very happy!
Background: I am so not athletic and I got my daughter swimming at just 5 months old because I was never taught how to swim properly. As for me, I think I have a lot to offer both in terms of ensuring the family/parent viewpoint is always considered in any major decisions we make. In my work, my job is to always keep the consumer in mind in order to engage with them effectively. I guess I look at my role on the board the same way.
What’s your goal for the year ahead?



To successfully promote all of OSSC’s programs and successes both internally – to parents and families – and externally – to the local community and broader synchro community. To do this, we need to be really good at communicating, communicating, communicating!