President – Bio

Francis Li, President
Length of time on the Board:


This is my first year
Length of time in OSSC:


This is our 5th season
Program in which your daughter/son participates: HP 13-15
Why you want to be a part of the Board?


I wanted to more directly participate in a sport that means so much to my daughter, Alicia and being on the Board gives me an opportunity to do that in a way that also compliments my professional development.
Background: I’m in a leadership position with a medium sized technology company so I’ve had the opportunity to run many large projects & initiatives with large, cross-functional teams. I’ve also served on the Board of the Lambton Kingsway Before & After School Program, which is also not for profit. On a personal note, not only am I NOT a synchronized swimmer but I actually can’t swim!
What’s your goal for the year ahead?



There were two areas of feedback from a membership survey conducted earlier in the year that I’d like to make an impact in: transparency and fundraising flexibility. We have specific tactics to make progress in these areas but the true measure of success will be if our membership feels we’ve improved. We will measure our progress against the results of next year’s survey.