Great results for Masters Champs and Novice Routine Meet!

Masters 18-34 free team – 1st

Masters 18-34 tech duet – 1st

Masters 50-64 team – 1st

Novice 8U – 3rd

Novice 9-10 Jeanine – 1st

Novice 9-10 Marin/Hannah – 1st

Novice 11-12 Renee – 1st

Novice 11-12 Diana – 7th

Novice 13-15 Diana 1st

Congratulations to all the athletes on a fantastic end to a great Masters and Novice season! Thanks to our amazing coaches Vanessa, Jeanine, Marin, Hannah, Renee, Diana, Kerri and Jody and to all the Coaches in training who helped throughout the year with these groups.