OSSC Halloween Party 2016

This year the Olympium Synchro teams really got into the Halloween spirit.  After a gruelling but satisfying Synchrothon, all of the athletes were able to unwind at the annual Halloween synchro party.

It seemed like everybody was there: the full cast of Super Mario Bros., superheroes, flowers, witches and Dr. Seuss characters – the party had it all. Rey, from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (opening in December at an IMAX theatre near you) even showed up.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with the Synchrothon and the Halloween party – it was a great success. But more importantly, thank you to the athletes who raised money in the morning and rocked the Halloween spirit in the afternoon.

ossc-halloween-1 ossc-halloween-2 ossc-halloween-3ossc-halloween-5 ossc-halloween-4 ossc-halloween-6 ossc-halloween-8
ossc-halloween-11 ossc-halloween-12 ossc-halloween-7ossc-halloween-9ossc-halloween-10
ossc-halloween-13 ossc-halloween-14 ossc-halloween-15 ossc-halloween-16