Volunteer Coordinator – Bio

Jodi Ostroff, Volunteer Coordinator
Length of time on the Board:


2017-18 will be my first season as a board member


Length of time in OSSC:


Going into our 7th season
Program in which your daughter/son participates: Provincial 13-15


Why you want to be a part of the Board?


My daughter Pollina has been swimming with OSSC since she was 8 years old and I believe that participation in a sport is vital to the mental and physical health/well-being and development of girls. I would like to be a part of the OSSC board so that I can support the club and the sport that gives my daughter and other girls the opportunity to swim!
Background: I was a synchronized swimmer in my youth in Montreal and love the sport because it requires so many skills: strength, endurance, flexibility, artistry, musicality, a good memory, the ability to count to the music – all while upside down holding your breath much of the time! If my work schedule allowed it, I’d join a masters synchro team! Maybe some day……

I am an audiologist and work for a hearing implant company. I have two children – Pollina, 14 and Leo, 12.

What’s your goal for the year ahead?



To ensure every swimmer’s family understands their value as a volunteer for the club and has positive volunteer experiences.